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Since 2008 CMK Therapy has been helping the people of Milton Keynes and surrounding areas improve their lives by getting them back to doing the things they enjoy most. We have treated over 18,000 people with bad backs, necks, shoulders and hips. Some of those we have treated have been suffering from long-term pain and others have had a sudden onset of pain or suffered an injury.

We treat people of all ages from elite sports people to those who have a stiff neck from work, but we specialise on the 40-65 age group because we feel they are often a neglected group, left to feel they have to put up with pain and discomfort.

"Rest and take a painkillers" is something you will never hear us say. We believe our muscles and joints will last as long as we live, provided we look after them and keep them moving.


CMK Therapy

We recognise the importance of hands-on physiotherapy to relax tight, painful muscles and to get stiff, sore joints moving again. Research and evidence also suggests that exercise and movement are key to pain relief and increased mobility, so as well as manual therapies we have a dedicated rehabilitation team. The rehab team create individualised exercise programmes for our clients so that they can slowly build back their strength and keep those joints and muscles going as long as possible!

If you have a painful neck, frozen shoulder, sore hip, sports injury, twisted ankle, a stiff back from sitting too long or overdoing it – we can help through the many services and treatments we provide.

Here at CMK Therapy we realise that your body is for life and we need to keep you moving.

Don't let pain get in the way of enjoying life.


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