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Suffering with Arthritis? (Osteoarthritis)

The majority of people we see at CMK Therapy are showing some signs of wear and tear in their joints, whether it be in their back, neck, shoulder, hips, knees or ankles. Sometimes this is because they are at the very early stages of arthritis and in other cases it can be because they are suffering from more advanced arthritis.

Arthritis is a natural ageing process that we all go through as we age.  Most of the time it doesn't cause us any problems but sometimes we overdo things and that can cause our joints to get inflammed or swollen.  That's when it's important to seek help because, if the symptoms are not treated, they can stop muscles and joints working properly - even those not directly affected at the time.



How we can help

Although early treatment of arthritis is better, it is also possible for us to help those who are experiencing long-lasting symptoms with massage, stretching and manipulation of the joints and strengthening of the muscles around the joints.

Nobody can reverse the ageing process, but what we can do is get those joints moving again, reduce the pain and hopefully reduce the need for painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Most importantly, we can get you back to the things you love doing whether that is playing golf, going for long walks, gardening or just playing with the grandchildren.

If this sounds like you, please either book an appointment or give us a call to discuss your symptoms or to ask any questions on 01908 295652.

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