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Therapeutic Massage

How many of us just accept that because we sit at a desk all day we are bound to have bad necks, stiff backs, achy shoulders and headaches? Does that sound like you? We're all far too accepting of these aches and pains and for most of us we either put up with it or reach for the painkillers. But we all know this isn't the answer.  CMK Therapy deals with these problems day in day out and we have seen thousands of people with similar problems.

By using our hands and massage oils we can help relax your muscles and take away those nagging pains. The result? Greater concentration at work, a better night's sleep, fewer painkillers and a happier you.

Sports Massage

If your muscles are feeling tight after being in the gym, running or playing sport, or you're regularly getting muscle strains, then a sports massage is likely to be what you need.  It will help your muscles to relax, recover faster and get you ready for your next training session or match.

CMK Therapy has many years of experience of knowing where the muscles are tight and where they need to be worked upon (sometimes even before you have realised the muscles are even tight)

All our massage therapists are also Physiotherapists or Sports Therapists so we understand the mechanics of the body and can advise on stretching and strengthening and any other related subject.

To keep yourself fit and on track, call us on 01908 295652.




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