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At CMK Therapy we have a strong team of therapists with many years of experience and a high level of expertise when it comes to treating sports injuries.

We have worked within many professional sports, including Rugby, Tennis, Rowing, Badminton and Football. We pride ourselves in not only treating our clients' injuries, but also getting them back to being sport- ready. We are 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals.

We invest a lot of time in injury prevention, identifying potential injuries before they occur. We also offer ongoing maintenance for athletes to ensure they remain fit for sport.


1. Preparing for Sport

If you're looking to take up a new hobby or returning to sport following a break, we can offer a professional assessment before you begin.  To help you prepare for sport we can provide you with:

  • Full Biomechanical Assessment tailored to your sport
  • Podiatry Assessment
  • Orthotics
  • Video Running Analysis
  • Personal Training
  • Nutritional Evaluation and Guidance

Investing time in injury prevention we often identify potential injuries before they occur. This allows us to develop strength, conditioning and fitness programmes tailored specifically to each client and their sport. Working with our clients, we provide ongoing support to help maintain the levels of fitness and strength required within their sport and help to prevent injury.






2. Injuries

Unfortunately injuries do happen in sport and luckily the majority of them are treatable. With a diverse team of experts and an on-site rehabilitation gym we are fully equipped to support our clients through their injury rehabilitation.  If you are suffering from an old or new injury we can offer you:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Personal Training
  • Onsite Rehabilitation in our Gym


3. Returning to Sport

At CMK Therapy we pride ourselves in not only treating our client's injuries but also working with them to return them to full sport fitness. Having spent time away from your sport to recover from an injury, it can be a challenge to get back into it due to lack of strength or fitness.

We work with our clients to develop personalised strength, conditioning and fitness programmes tailored to their sport. We will work with you until you are back to your prime. So, if you are returning to sport following an injury, we can offer you:

  • Physiotherapy treatments
  • Rehabilitation sessions in our gym
  • Sports massage
  • Personal Training
  • Personalised Fitness Development Programmes
  • Sports specific drills
  • Strengthening and conditioning





4. Maintenance

Much like a car, our bodies benefit from ongoing maintenance to remain in good working order.

  • Having regular Sports Massages can be a great way to ensure your muscles don't get tight.
  • Attending regular Pilates Classes can develop and maintain a strong core.
  • What we eat can have a large impact on our fitness and health. Also, changes in activity levels will require changes in calorie consumption. Nutritional Assessments and reviews are beneficial in maintaining peak fitness.
  • In order to improve your fitness levels we can provide you with Personalised Fitness Programmes with our personal trainer.


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