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We are Physiotherapists, regulated by the Health Professionals Council, who have extra training and qualifications in Ergonomics and Workstation Assessments.

We specialise in helping companies with office-based staff who spend much of their time working at a computer, whether that is at a fixed workstation, working from home, hotdesking or working remotely.

We have over 15 years' experience performing Workstation Asessments in many industries. We have worked with small, medium and multinational companies including, banks, health authoriites, police forces, distribution companies, car manufacturers and transport companies.

The importance of Workstation Assessments is not only about being compliant with Health and Safety Regulations, but ensuring the well-being of staff and the cost-effective running of the business.

We cover all parts of the UK and are not part of or aligned with any furniture supplier.  This means we have no conflict of interest and provide a totally, independent service.

Workstation Assessments


About Workstation Assessments

Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between workers and their environment, especially in conjunction with the equipment they use.

Everyone is unique.  They have different weights, postures and heights.  Some, also, will have pre-existing conditions which will affect how comfortable they are at their workstation. All these factors need to be taken into account if employees are to be able to operate comfortably and efficiently.

Physiotherapists with qualifications and experience in Ergonomics and Workstation Assessments are the ideal people to make sure that workstations are fit for purpose.  If they are not, we will advise what corrective action needs to be taken, whether changes to the workstation set up are required, advise on purchase of new equipment or suggest coping strategies or changes to work organisation and routine.

Every office ergonomic project will be different so please get in touch so we can discuss what we can do to help.


Workstation Assessments



Basic Workstation Assessment Level 1

Ideal for large groups (up to 15 people) on a preventative basis. This onsite Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment is conducted with the user at their workstation. The users are provided with advice and shown how to make simple adjustments to optimise set up and posture. This ensures compliance with DSE regulations. (and is a legal requirement).

Advanced WSA Level 2

This is where our expertise comes to the forefront. Recommended for early intervention of those suffering with aches and pains and the more complex return to work or more serious musculoskeletal problem. E.g. where someone has had a few days/weeks off with pain, or are being treated at the moment.

The individual users will be interviewed to establish the history of their problems.

The DSE will then be conducted with the user at their workstation. Photographs and measurements of the workstation will be taken where necessary. Adjustments where possible will be made at the time Findings from the interview and WSA will be outlined in a detailed report with action taken and further recommendations if needed.

Up to 5 comprehensive DSE assessments can be conducted per site per day.

Homeworkers' Risk Assessment

As many more workers are working from home, the need for an assessment at home is becoming more important.

Often the client working from home has not had the same support as when working in the office.

Working during Pregnancy

Being pregnant doesn't usually prevent a woman from being able to work. However there are some risks in the workplace that could affect the health and wellbeing of the pregnant employee and their unborn child.

Employees must ensure that working conditions do not put a pregnant worker or their baby at risk.

Sitting down for extended periods of time can have many risks. Research has shown that sitting down for long periods of time has a direct link to thrombosis which can have devastating effects during pregnancy.

Working antisocial and long hours can also impact the health of the baby. Other risk factors are heavy lifting and also sitting for long periods is made worse by the hormonal changes that relax ligaments around the pelvis.

During pregnancy the body goes through physical changes, which can change posture and how the WSA should be set up.

Hot Desking

Hot desking is becoming much more popular as companies seek more flexibility in how they structure work.

With hot desking the user needs to understand the principles of the work station set up, how to adjust the screen, the keyboard and the chair so they can make the correct adjustments when they sit down at their workstation for the day.

Driving Assessments

Many musculoskeletal problems are caused by workers driving for long periods. They can suffer many of the same problems as people at workstations, sometimes even worse as the ability to take breaks or move around is much less.

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